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Four Stage Monorail
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Unit is new unused, on customers floor. Ordered for a contract that fell through. Save over 1/2 of new. Four Stage Stainless Steel Spray Washer Reverse Osmosis System Heated Blow-Off System Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor System Exhaust Stack for Spray Washer Exhaust Stack for Burner Tube Vent Product Weight: 50 Pounds Per Rack Hook Clearance 30" top of Track to Top of Part Maximum Part Size: 48" Long x 72" High x 18" Wide Silhouette Opening: 84" High x 24" Wide Conveyor Speed 2 FPM (Variable) Conveyor Type Enclosed Track Electrics 240 Volt 3 Phase Electrical Controls Allen Bradley Natural Gas Heat PROCESS CYCLE: Load 1. Chemicl Wash 90 Seconds 135-153 Deg. F. Drain 90 Seconds 2. City Water Rinse 60 Seconds Ambient Drain 90 Seconds 3. Recirculated R.O. Rinse 30 Seconds Ambient 4. Final R/O Halo Pass Heated Blow-Off Pass 150-200 Deg. F. Cool Down 5 Minutes Unload TANKS: Solution for all stages is fabricated of 3/16" type 304 Stainless Steel. Tank extension extends beyond the upper housing for access to pump suction screen and pump mounting. Each tank extension to have a minimum of one stainless steel access lid and liquid seal frame. All tanks are sized for a minimum of three times the capacity of the pump. Tank base support structure will be on a maximum of 3' centers for weight distribution and tank bottom sloped a minimum of 1/8" per foot, back to front for ease of cleaning the tank. Fiberglass walk grating is provided over the tank, in the spray zone, in each stage for servicing nozzles. Walk grating is designed for easy removal. TANK CLEAN-OUT DOORS: 14" x 14" Marine Type Clean-out door is supplied in each tank. WASHER HOUSING: The washer upper housing is fabricated of 12-gauge type 304 stainless steel. Drain areas between stages to be fabricate of 3/16" stainless steel and is sloped a minimum 1/4" per foot. Baffles are present to prevent splashing and over-spray. A 24" x 60", watertight, hinged man access door will be provided between each stage. Each door is complete with stainless steel hinges, rubber gaskets, and a 2-point cam locking device. Each is complete with a bottom drain to return any solution back to the tank. Each access door has removable access stairs. Conveyor track guarding is provided in each spray zone. The roof of the washer is tapered to each side to prevent condensation from dripping back down onto the parts, which could leave water and/or chemical spots. PUMP AND PUMP SUCTION SCREENS: Pumps for all stages are Gusher or equal, vertical immersion barrel mount type to eliminate leakage and are cast iron with stainless steel shaft and impeller. Each tank has a series of double removable 18 gauge stainless steel filter screens complete with stainless frames, handles, etc. Screens are sized for 1 square foot of filter screen per 100 GPM of pump capacity.


WASHER SPECIFICATIONS:  FOOT PRINT 35' Long x 14' Wide x 12' Tall Stage 1. 700 Gallon Tank Capacity,7.5 HP Pump, 180GPM, (60) 6540 V-Jet Nozzles Stage 2. 585 Gallon Tank Capacity,7.5 HP Pump, 144GPM, (44) 6540 V-Jet Nozzles Stage 3. 585 Gallon Tank Capacity,5 HP Pump, 108GPM, (36) 6540 V-Jet Nozzles Stage 4. (24) 6540 V-Jet Nozzles  WASHER SPRAY:  Spray coverage of the product in each stage using snap-on spray nozzles. Nozzles in all stages shall be V-Jet, rated at 3 GPM.  All risers are 80CPVC complete with quick release cam locks. The spray nozzles are  staggered on 12" vertical centers. The spray risers are spaced on 9" horizontal centers.  Nozzles shall be located at each side of the product. This spacing provides the best impingement  and coverage of the product.  Risers are removable with end caps. Headers are bottom entry in design and  fabricated out of stainless steel. Exterior pump piping is 8)CPVC.  All interior submerged piping is stainless steel.  R/O WATER HALO RINSE (Stage 4):  Stage 4 is a Reverse Osmosis water halo rinse stage. R/O halo shall incorporate two single risers with 6 nozzles rated at 1-1/2 GPM.  EXHAUST:  At entrance of spray washer. (1) Exhaust Fan 15" Diameter 2800CFM @ 1-1/2HP.  TANK HEAT:  Temperature 135-153 Deg. F.    Gas Maxon Burner 607,500 BTU/HR. HEATED BLOW-OFF SYSTEM: REGENERATIVE BLOW-OFF Stainless plenum, air knives, inlet silencer, air duct style heaters.  OVERHEAD CONVEYOR SYSTEM:  Web Unibilt Heavy Duty Enclosed Track Conveyor for conveying the parts through the system. Enclosed track is an excellent type of conveyor for this operation.  Conveyor speed to be set at 2 feet per minute (Variable). Hanging attachments are on 16" centers.  UNIBILT universal link chain, and wheels UNIBILT Carbon Steel Enclosed Straight Track  UNIBILT 24" Radius 90 Degree Horizontal Turns UNIBILT 24" Radius 30 Degree Upper Vertical Curve UNIBILT 24" Radius 30 Degree Lower Vertical Curve  UNIBILT Enclosed Track Air Assisted Take-up @ 180 Degrees UNIBILT Enclosed Track 300 LB Drive 3 FPM (Variable) Standard H Attachments Start Stop Station V/S Drive

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Electric 240 Volt Gas Heat Gusher Pumps Allen Bradley Controls Variable Speed Drive Enclosed Drive Marine Door Cleanout SOLD IN PLANT AS INSPECTED, buyer loads.

Ordered and never commissioned New 4 Stage Stainless Monorail Washer

Ordered and never commissioned New 4 Stage Stainless Monorail Washer