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Rotary Drum Washer
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Moel LJ-15WRD 2 Tanks Wash and Rinse/Inhibit, 140 Deg. F. with 160 Dryer Stainless steel construction of Tanks, Drum Enclosure, Dryer. 30 Inch Washer, 18 Inch Rinse, 48 Inch Dryer

Motor1 hp
Dimensions136" L x 41" W x 66" Tall
Weight3000 lbs.

Stainless on All Wetted Surfaces Process Drum 15" Diameter Material 14 Gauge T304SS Perforated 3/16" Holes on 5/16" Centers Helix 14 Gauge T304SS 1-1/2" Welded Tumblers 3/4" Benet Angle 90 Deg.  3 Per Revolution 

Equipped With

30" Wash Zone 65 Gallon Gusher 1 HP Stainless Pump 18" Rinse Zone 40 Gallon Gusher 1 HP Stainless Pump 44 5/8" Dryer Zone Dry Heat 15KW Bent Fineed Tubular Elements 6 2500 KW 10 Gallon Oil Coalescor with floating head pick up High Temperature Heating Package and Insulated process tank 160 Deg. Per tank Stainless Steel Pumps, Riser Valve, and Header per tank 20 Inch Stainless Steel Bag Filter installed inline prior to spray header Wash Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges Extend Drying section from 24" to 48" with heat to 190 Deg. F. Variable Speed Drive 1-3 RPM Continuous Weld Helix Wash Rinse Dry Tumblers Welded to Helix to upset part for Better Washing, Draining, and Drying Stainless Steel Rigidized Drum Material Load Cone attached to load end of Drum, allow parts to slid into the drum soak solution. Hopper-Feeder System with Vibrator, 2 Cubic/Foot capacity hopper Washer is sitting in stainless water catch pan.

Jenfab LJ-15 Rotary Drum Washer Late Model

Jenfab LJ-15 Rotary Drum Washer Late Model
Rotary Drum Washer