Stoelting AQF224

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(3) Stage Stoelting Conveyorized Stainless Steel Parts Washer Model No. AQF-224 (Aquaforce 224) Drawing Number 4993457 Machine #276 Ship Date 1994 Refurbished in 2000 by Stoelting Constructed heavier than current models with 7 Gauge Tanks. Note*****Unit is still in plant under power. Has not seen a lot of use. Condition is very good. Sold with 30 day warranty


All piping, tubes, chip baskets, and belt are stainless. Pumps are cast iron. They can easily be upgraded and exchanged for stainless.  Overall Dimensions:  31’ 6” L  6’ 10” W 9’ 10” T Work area: 24” Width x 30” Part Height Loading height: 3’ 6” Load Extension, entry: 6’6” Stage 1: 7’ Wash 250 Gallon,  Stage 2: 6’ Rinse 200 Gallon Stage 3: 3’6”’ Ambient Blow-Off Stage 4: 6’ Heated Blow-Off Unload exit: 1’6” Construction: Frames: 10 GA. Painted Carbon Steel Tanks: 7 GA Stainless Steel Canopies: 14 GA Stainless Steel Dryer Construction: Stainless Steel Chip Basket: Stainless Steel Piping: Stainless Steel Spray Tubes: Stainless Steel Pumps: Stainless Steel Fitted Lifting Instructions:  Lift Machine Using Chain at Indicated Lifting points with spreader bar to prevent Damage to machine. 

Equipped With

Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Easy Access tunnel doors Easy Access Cleanout Hatches Wash 2 HP Pump 100GPM Rinse 2 HP Pump 100 GPM Ambient Blow Off 1450 CFM 10HP (with sound enclosures) Heated Blow Off 2000 CFM 10 HP 250 Deg. F. (with sound enclosures) Electric Heat Wash Tank 140 Deg. F. 60 KW Electric Heat Rinse Tank 140 Deg. F. 60KW Product Sensing Eyes Oil Skimmer Liquid Level Control Both tanks Chemical Injection Pump Emergency Stop at each end of tunnels 300 AMP Disconnect Digital Temperature Readouts