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JENFAB 4 Stage Pass Thru Parts Washer 12” Belt Engineered to clean light parts

Manufactured in 2012

Custom Designed to wash light parts. Includes Higher Side Guides on Belt Approx 3.5”.  Custom 12” wide compact grid belting for both top and bottom belts.

This Belt Washer Aqueous Parts Washer is designed to clean parts by directing spray impingement and volume of solution delivery at components as they are positioned and travel along a conveying belt through wash, rinse, rinse/or rp,  and dry zone. Spays are located above and below the belt.

General Specifications:

Work Area

  • 12” Wide Belt
  • 3.5” Variable Height ” High Maximum Part Clearance (waiting to confirm)


  • 18” Load
  • 6” Enter
  • 30” Wash Length
  • 9” Drain
  • 18” Rinse Length
  • 6” Drain
  • 18” Rinse Length
  • 6” Drain
  • 45” Blow-Off Ari Knives Above and Below Parts with Regenerative Blower 200 Deg. Max
  • 34-1/8” Unload
  • 140 Deg. F. Maximum Wash Temperature


  • Insulation Process Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Pumps In Each Tank 1HP Gould
  • 110 Gallon Wash Tank
  • 75 Gallon Rinse Tank
  • 75 Gallon Rinse Tank
  •  Fitting Added to rinse tank to RP Tank can counterflow to the rinse tank in the future.


  • Vortex 15 HP Regenerative BLower


  • 174” L x 48” W x 72”T

Equipped With:  

  • Variable Speed Drive 7-14 Feet Per minute
  • Digital Controls all three tanks
  • Shop Air Blow Off at the end and in between wash and rinse
  • Stainless Plumbing
  • Electric Heat 22.5KW Wash, 12KW Rinse, 12KW Inhibit
  • Stainless Pumps Gusher 1 HP
  • 460 Volt 3 Ph 60 HZ  115 FLA
  • Smart Automatic Water Level  SS Float Switches in each tank, water added through brass solenoid valves. Fresh Water is added to the RP Tank , RP water is added to the rinse tank. Rinse water is added to the wash tank.
  • Temperature Controlled by digital controllers in each tank and the dryer.
  • UL Control Panel
  • 304 SS Steel

FOB, Tulsa, OK 



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