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Pass-Thru Washer
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Model No. SBW-224 Drawing Number 4160375 Like new condition with minimal use. Note*****Unit is in immaculate condition. Used for a short time and paced into storage.


Overall Dimensions:  25’ 6” L  8’6” Wide or 10’ 6” Overall width with enclosure door open 8’ 8” T 13,000 lbs. total shipping weight.  Work area: 24” x 16” Part Height Opening 18” Tall Loading height: 3’ 6” Load Extension, entry: 2’ 5” Stage 1: 7’ Wash 250 Gallon,  Stage 2: 7’ Rinse 250 Gallon Stage 3: 2’-6” Final Rinse Stage 4: 6’ Heated Blow-Off Unload 1’-6”  Construction: Tanks: 7 GA Stainless Steel Canopies: 14 GA Stainless Steel Dryer Construction: Stainless Steel Chip Basket: Stainless Steel Piping: Stainless Steel Spray Tubes: Stainless Steel Pumps: Corrosion Resistant Filters: Stainless Steel 20 Micron Wash 10 Micron Rinse Belting Stainless Steel Conveyor Stainless Steel Lifting Instructions:  Lift Machine Using Chain at Indicated Lifting points with spreader bar to prevent Damage to machine. 

Equipped With

2-6 FPM Conveyor Speed Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Easy Access tunnel doors Easy Access Cleanout Hatches Chemical Pump Liquid level control Oil Skimmer Wash 2 HP Pump 140 Deg. F. Rinse 2 HP Pump 140 Deg. F. Heated Blow Off 20000 CFM 10 HP 250 Deg. F. 40 KW (2) Hepa Filters Vent Fan 1 HP Digital Read-outs for all stages Emergency Stop on Both Ends Utility Requirements 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60HZ 300 AMP Breaker Incoming Water Nominal 40 PSI, Max 125 PSI

3 Stage Stoelting Parts Washer

Michigan, United States
3 Stage Stoelting Parts Washer
Pass-Thru Washer