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Pass-Thru Washer
2 Stage Pass Thru
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Ordered by GM allison Transmission in 2007 (with a cost that exceeded $200,000.00), they never placed it into service. We acquired the unit in 2014 and sold to our customer. They are now moving shops and it is under power today. Will be disconnected at the end of August. It is in excellent condition. New 2007 Washer is Wash, Heated Dry, and Blow Off General Specifications: 36” Wide Belt 20” High Maximum Part Clearance 36” Wash Vestibule 60” Wash Spray Zone 48” Blow-Off Drain Section 96” Heated Dryer Section 160 Deg. F. Maximum Wash Temperature Dryer Maximum Temperature 220 Deg. F. Dimensions:


Dimensions: 276” L x 96” x 119” T  

Equipped With

Equipped With: 460 Volts 3 PHASE Allen Bradley PLC AB SLC 5/04 Panelview Monchrome HMI/OIT (6) E Stop Buttons (2) Access Doors Gusher PUMP 200 GPM @ 40 PSI (Iron) 20 HP Blower Chip Basket Shed Sheet Per Tank Stainless Plumbing Differential Pressure Switches with Alarms Donaldson Torrit Mist Collector Insulated Tanks SS Belt 1” x 1” Variable Speed 1-3 FPM Electric Heat Wash Tank Dryer Maximum Temperature 220 Deg. F. 16000 CFM Blower Dryer (2) Stainless Steel Bag Filters

Jenfab 2 Stage Pass Thru 36" Wide Belt by 20" Part Height

Illinois, United States
Jenfab 2 Stage Pass Thru 36" Wide Belt by 20" Part Height
Pass-Thru Washer