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JENBAB power spray conveyor cleaning system designed to clean totes on a 24” belt and spacers and lids positioned vertically on a 6 inch belt. Totes will be process cleaned on the 24 Inch Belt Section. At a conveyor speed of 36” (3 feet) per minute. Tote Lids and Spacers will be processed cleaned vertically on the 6” wide Belt. Guides will support the Lids and Spacers in the vertical position. Processing the Lids and Spacers vertically will allow for draining and a better capability to blow off and dry the trays. Washer is 304 S.S. 3 stage—-Wash, Rinse, and Blow Off Washing and Rinsing JENFAB power spray belt washers clean parts by directing high-pressure, high-volume Wash, Rinse solutions onto the parts as they are conveyed through spray chambers on a belt. The belt washer floods the parts from above and below—and from both sides—using an over-lapping spray that completely and uniformly forces the solution into all the contours of the parts. The high spray pressure shears soils from the components to be cleaned and when combined with the high volume delivery of solutions, this combination is designed to flush away and effectively remove oils, soils, dirt, chips and other by-products associated with manufacturing and Remanufacturing. Vestibules (also called quiet zones) are located before and after each spray chamber to minimize over-spray and solution carry-over between tanks. The vestibules enable the wash or rinse solutions to drain back into their respective supply tanks and minimize the potential for cross-tank contamination. JENFAB recommends the use of air knives after the washing stage to promote draining and prolong rinse tank clarity. Lean Values—Removing Waste and Non-Value Added Time The engineered spray system and re-circulating dryer eliminate waste and non-value-added time from your manufacturing process while improving product quality and reducing energy and floor space requirements. Recirculating High-Volume Super Dryer (Proprietary Design) JENFAB’s fully recirculating, high-volume, air flow dryer uses several slots to force hot air through and around parts from multiple directions. The high volume air flow around each part results in fast drying through evaporation. Unlike a blow-off design, which requires a continuously firing heat source, our recirculating design heats only on demand. Once the dryer reaches a uniform stable temperature, the heat source fires only when needed to maintain the desired temperature. Recirculating the heated air requires about 25 to 35 percent of the energy needed to operate a heated blow-off. The saving is significant. For example, a blow-off system heater is on 100 percent of the time. A 50-Kw heater costs $2.50/hour to operate (at .05 Kwh). With the JENFAB recirculating super dryer, the heater is usually on only 25 to 35 percent of the time, resulting in a savings of approximately $1.75/hour or $3,500.00 per shift per year.


Belt speed of three (3) fpm, with parts positioned on centers as defined on cover sheet. The vestibules before and after each chamber prevent spray from deflecting into other sections of the machine and promote thorough drainage between chambers. Vestibules extend solution life and improve cleaning performance by minimizing cross-contamination. 30” Load zone 50 seconds 24” Pre-Wash Vestibule 40 seconds 48” Wash Spray Zone 80 seconds 120-140 Deg. F 24” Wash Drain Vestibule 40 seconds 18” Pre Rinse Vestibule 30 seconds 24” Rinse Spray Zone 40 seconds 120-140 Deg. F. 24” Rinse Drain Vestibule 40 seconds 72” Recirculating air Blow Off Dryer 120 Seconds 150-210 Deg. F 30” Unload 50 seconds Dimensions: Length 21 Feet without load and unload sections Length 26 Feet with load and unload sections Width 9 Foot 6 inches Height 7 Foot, 6 inches Load height 3 Foot, 6 inches (42”) Top of belt WORK SPACE: Tunnel work-space: 24” W x 10” Tall part clearance Tunnel work-space: 34” T x 6” W belt 470 lbs. per foot weight capacity

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Stainless Wash Pump 250 GPM, 30 PSI, 316 SS Gusher 11019 Vertical, Sealess, 700 Gallon Wash Tank Stainless Rinse Pump 150 GPM, 30 PSI, 304 SS Gusher 11019, Vertical, Sealess, 450 Gallon Rinse Tank Stainless Piping Stainless Float Side Access Doors light weight, quick lift off, leak-proof design, stainless steel Separate Variable Speed drive for two belts Chip collection/filtration baskets and shed sheet. Shed sheet is drain pan beneath entire wash or rinse zone and drain area directing dirty solution return through a #20 mesh stainless steel basket. Price wash tank Dual #2, 30 Inch Bag filters for Wash tank 85 Gallon Oil Coalescor tied to wash tank with tank surface sparger and SS pump Mini coalescor tied to Rinse Tank, Coalescor has a 10 gallon tank. Self-Generated Blow off for top surfaces located after wash drain for 24 Inch belt, for inverted tote pans to reduce chemistry drag over. Self-Generated Blow off for two side surfaces located after wash drain for 6 Inch belt, vertical trays to reduce chemistry drag over. Heat for the high-velocity blow off system. Includes electric duct heaters with temperature control and high-temperature safety shutoff. Re-circulating duct system for high Velocity Low Off that can reduce energy usage by 75%. After the air is blown onto the parts it is captured and re-circulated back through the blower and heating unit and back onto the parts. By continually re-circulating the heated air, the heaters are not on all of the time and only turn on to maintain the temperature set point. Rectangular Removable side Access Panels on Belt Enclosure to allow for inspection of spray headers. Price for two tanks Exhaust fan mounted with a removable short stack and damper on the machine housing. Wired into control panel. Connection duct from the fan through roof is by others. Exhaust rate is [1,500] CFM approximate. Iron Drain header for two tanks and two coalescors with tank drains connected to valves using 2” iron ball valve, top tank overflows connected to drain header. Price/with coalescors.

JENFAB Dual Pass-Thru

Missouri, United States
JENFAB Dual Pass-Thru
Pass-Thru Washer