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Proceco HD Stainless Steel Parts Washer 6248


Model HD62-48-E-2500-R-BO-SS

Serial No. 99-223 

Very Good Condition as removed from Aerospace.  New replacement would exceed $125,000.00. 

General Specifications:

  • Turntable Diameter: 60 Inches
  • Maximum Work Height: 48 Inches
  • Maximum Work Load Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Solution Operating Temperature: 160 Deg. F.
  • Initial Heat Up Time 60-120 Minutes
  • Wash Tank 600 US Gal.

Proceco Typhoon HD 26-36 Stainless Steel 2 Stage Parts Washer


SALE PRICE! $7,950.00! 

Model HD26-36-S-1000-2-R-SS

Serial No. 93-003 

Sold Cycled and tested with 30 day warranty 

Note**** Unit is Stainless Steel on all wetted surfaces. It is equipped with Wash and Rinse pumps. Digital Temperature controls and timers.

Includes a platform for easy access, and mist collector to replace exhaust.

Proceco Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Parts Washer with 100 HP( 2 Stage)


SAVE $$$ Over new, Very hard to find large washer with 100 HP in Stainless Steel! 

Model HD62-96-G-5000-2-RD-SS-SC

Serial No. 95-253

Reconditioned with 30 day warranty.

3-Stage Proceco Pass Through Parts Washer


This washer was originally fitted with an extra long loading table approximately 60′ long. That table frame is no longer with this washer but the conveyor is along with the end support rolls. The buyer is welcome to fabricate their own loading station using as much or as little of the conveyor that is present.

Serial # 01-302
New 2001
Model # BCW24X24-G-8PW-4W-BO-SS-SC


  • Conveyor Width:  24″
  • Conveyor Load Capacity:  25 Lb./Ft²
  • Maximum Part Width:  24″
  • Maximum Part Height:  24″
  • Conveyor Speed:  Variable, But Range is Unknown at this Time
  • Heat Source:  Natural Gas, 800,000 BTU at 2 PSI
  • Tank 1 Volume:  1530 Gallons
  • Tank 2 Volume:  700 Gallons
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