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JenFab LeanClean 360-1 Comes with Extra Parts (3)Stage Standard Basket Size

Unit is in good used condition with extra parts.

S/N 11926

Sold As inspected


1. Primary Electrical Power Supply 460v/3ph/60hz

2. Water piping to tanks copper with solenoid valves controlled by float switch level controls for automatic level control.

3. Spray piping all stainless steel with bag filter housings on each the wash and rinse lines.

4. Temperature controlled by the PLC with temperature probes in each tank and dryer.

The Lean Clean 360 is a fast, high-performance parts washer that removes oils, chips, and other contaminates from new or used parts.

Operators place a basket of parts into the Lean Clean and press the start button. The Lean Clean 360 submerges and rotates the basket while directing 60 gallons per minute of cleaning solution at the parts at 40 psig. The machine continually recirculates, filters, and delivers the cleaning solution to the basket of parts through high pressure submerged jets.

The Lean Clean turns over the entire volume of the cleaning chamber more than twice a minute, flushing away chips, soils and oils, and keeping fresh, clean solution in contact with the parts.

After washing, the cleaning machine drains the washing solution
and completes an equally vigorous rinse cycle with water (or water with inhibitors).

After rinsing and draining, a high‑volume, high‑velocity recirculating convection dryer dries the parts by delivering air through multiple slots aimed directly at the rotating basket of parts.

Typical Wash Cycle

A typical wash cycle includes the following steps:

Loading—operator slides basket into the machine, closes the door, and presses the Cycle Start button.

Washing—wash pump rapidly fills the process chamber and volume turbulation begins.

Draining—basket rotates and drains solution from parts as the process chamber empties into holding tank.

Rinsing—rinse spray begins to impinge as the process tank fills for a combined soak-and-spray rinse.

Fresh Water Rinse—fresh water spray begins to impinge for final rinse as parts rotate.

Drain—parts rotate to drain solution and dryer starts.        

Dry—1500 cfm recirculating hot air convection dryer directs heated air at high velocity through multiple high volume slots.

Unload—operator opens door and slides basket out

of system.


Summary of Specifications

Lean Clean 360-1

Item Specification

  • Floor space:  3’ W x 5’ 6” D x 7’ 6” H
  • Load Height: 42”
  • Tank Volume: 50 Gallon Wash & 50 Gallon Rinse
  • Pumps Stainless Steel: 60 GPM @ 40 PSI
  • Dryer Blower: 1600 CFM Recirculating
  • Dryer Heat: 10 KW 140 Deg F – 220 Deg. F.
  • Sound Level: 75 DBA
  • Controls: PLC Controlled with 3 part cycle programs and HMI/OIT with Diagnostic, 24 Volt control system
  • Basket Size: Set Up to run Baskets 6”T x 17-3/4” x 11-3/4”
  • Cycles Per Hour: 6 to 10 Wash/Rinse/Dry
  • Stainless Steel Tanks, Cleaning Chamber, Pumps
  • Polished Stainless Steel Housing
  • Chip Collection Baskets (Easy Lift Out)
  • Fork Lift Pockets

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