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JENFAB LJ 19” Rotary Drum 4 Stage Wash, Rinse, RP, Blow-Off, Refurbished

 Aqueous Parts Washer


 One LJ-19-W-R-RP-D:  (Wash/Rinse/RP/Dry) 140°F for Tanks, 160F for Dryer

48” Wash zone, 24” Rinse zone, 18  Inhibit  48” dry zone 



Item No.

Short Description

Price ($) NEW


Oil Skim Wheel on Wash Tank


Common drain header, iron each station


10” SS Filters on Wash and Rinse, per station


48” super dryer, recirculating hot air to 210˚ F.                               



Variable Speed DC Drive for Drum (1-4 RPM)                


Continuous Weld Helix (price for total w/r/d)         


Tumblers welded to helix


Drum Load Cone                                      



Fused Disconnect 150-500 Amp


CE Marked (includes 24V DC)

Description of Operation

  • Washing and Rinsing

The JENFAB  LJ 19-Inch Rotary Drum System continuously feeds parts through a rotating drum. As the parts are advanced through the drum, they pass into cleaning, rising, and drying sections. This design enables a large quantity of parts to be economically processed.

The parts are gently tumbled in the aqueous solutions. This gentle tumbling action provides a very effective method of completely exposing all edges, surfaces and blind holes to the immersion, high pressure spray, and high solution delivery cleaning action. JENFAB’S engineered immersion and spray system has greater cleaning capability and uses less energy than competitively-designed systems, resulting in lower energy consumption and a smaller footprint.

  • Drying – Recirculating Hot Air Super Dryer – Optional

The high-volume dryer forces heated air through the drum and parts to dry the parts quickly. After passing through the parts, the air is circulated back through the heating system and delivered back through the parts. This high volume of air flow in the re-circulating drying system dries parts at lower temperatures and in a shorter distance, lowering utility costs and saving floor space. Over 95 percent of the air is re-circulated in the JENFAB dryer, typically drying parts twice as fast while using more than half the energy of other systems.

  • Drum Drive

Jenfab’s 19 Inch Rotary Drum System is offered with an optional electronic variable speed drive. This will allow the drum to rotate from less than 1 RPM through a 3 RPM speed range.  This variable speed rotation allows for total flexibility of process capability, allowing excessively soiled components to be maintained in the wash and rinse zones for longer lengths of time

  • Lean Values—Removing Waste and Non-Value Added Time

The engineered drum, spray system and re-circulating dryer eliminate waste and non-value-added time from your manufacturing process while improving product quality and reducing energy and floor space requirements. Proper weld construction of the drum and helix, as well as proper helix spacing, vertically positioned headers, and a dryer design that does not use a snorkel tube, will eliminate potential for part mixing due to lodging, bridging, and part hang up.

  • Automation

Auto loading of parts is easily accomplished by incorporating feeding conveyors from forming or machining operations, by incorporating an optional vibratory feeder, a hopper feeder, or other means. Jenfab will work with you to automate loading and unloading of the proposed system.

The LJ Rotary Drum is compact, yet versatile.  Units can be placed in line for continuous feed operation or equipped with casters for mobility within a manufacturing area.

Advanced Features

Fifty years of experience and propriety design elements enable JENFAB to provide the best value in the industry. All JENFAB machines are designed and manufactured in the United States. The specified JENFAB power spray conveyor cleaning system includes these features that make it the most productive and easiest to maintain in the world:

Ø  Faster and Better Parts Cleaning— Vee Jet high-impact spray nozzles clean parts faster using less floor space.

Ø  Lower Maintenance Costs—Vertical, in-tank, maintenance-free, seal-less pumps.  Lift-off top panels enable instant access to spray headers.

Ø  Maximized Throughput—Drum Design and spray headers are engineered specifically to maximize throughput and cleaning effectiveness for your parts.

Ø  Long Service Life—Tanks and enclosure constructed with heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel and designed to provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Ø  Extends Cleaning Solution Life—Specially-designed stainless steel Baffles on the drum Exterior minimize solution drag over and contamination from tank to tank.

Ø  Ease of Installation—Single-point connections for water and electrical power simplify installation. Machine is built on heavy-duty structural base for shipping and installation in one piece.

Ø  Complete Draining of All Tanks—Sloped bottoms enable 100 percent draining for easy solution change-out and tank cleaning

Heritage of Performance

Over the past 50 years, JENFAB has manufactured thousands of parts washers for new and repeat customers around the world.

They are the experts in parts washers with innovative proprietary designs that offer the best performance available. When you buy a JENFAB, you can expect a successful project. You will receive the perfect parts washer for your application and it will perform beyond your expectations for many years.






                      BLOW OFF 

Length:            148”

Width:              48”

Height              54”               

Load Height:   46”

Center Line of Drum for all Systems is 40” from floor.


System Base:                     

11 Gauge Formed 304SS below the tanks

Drum Enclosure Walls:                    

11 and 14 gauge 304 stainless steel  

Drum Enclosure Top

Removable covers, 304 stainless steel 

Between Tank Baffles

Between all spray stations, 304 stainless steel  both on drum and between tanks

All tanks are double welded with sloped bottoms for 100% draining and include large lift-off covers for easy tank cleaning.  They are also all equipped with a manual fill valve and automatic level control piped to a copper header for single water connection. The drum housing is baffled to prevent spray crossover from tank to tank.  Lift-off top covers allow easy drum removal and provide complete access for maintenance.  The machine is supported off the floor on a structural base designed with forklift pockets for easy transportation


Tank Material

11 gauge 304 stainless steel, double welded sloped bottoms to drains

Tank Covers

large lift off, 304 stainless steel , with handles

Drain Size:               

1 ¼”

Overflow Size:            

1 ¼”

Water Inlet:              


Fluid Level Control

Included for each Tank, Ball Float tied to main water header


1″ fiberglass block, exterior surfaces, 14 gauge mill grade 304 SS outer skin


Chip Baskets (optional):

6″ diameter  stainless mesh mounted with full drain pan 



140° with stainless steel heaters with digital temp controllers, higher temperatures optional




48″ with drain area and entrance vestibule

Pump Make:                

Gusher (or equal) all iron vertical, Seal Less

Pump Capacity

30 GPM, 25-30 PSI

Tank Capacity:            

130 Gallons

Solution Temperature

140 degrees with 15 KW electric heating elements and digital temperature controller


Schedule 40 SS positioned to properly direct spray

Spray Nozzles:

SS V Jet installed on a SS Spray Header

Level Control

Ball Float tied to main water header with shut off valve




24″ with drain area and entrance vestibule

Pump Make:                

Gusher (or equal) all iron vertical, Seal Less

Pump Capacity

 15 GPM, 20 PSI

Tank Capacity:            

60 Gallons

Solution Temperature

140 degrees with electric heating elements and digital temperature controller


Schedule 40 SS positioned to properly direct spray

Spray Nozzles:

SS V Jet installed on a SS Spray Header

Level Control

Ball Float tied to main water header with shut off valve







Electric heat for air flow (optional) and digital temperature controller


Standard blow off utilizes a Snorkel Type Tube 44-inch length that directs heated air down on the parts as the advance thru the Rotary Drum. Electric heating elements are located between the fan and the air discharge slots in the Tube

Recirculating Hot Air Convection Super Dryer

 ( Optional )


This dryer uses the principle of high volume recirculating forced hot air.  A high volume blower forces air through the drum and through the part mass.  The air is continually captured, reheated, recirculated and directed back onto the parts again.  This high volume air flow recirculating through the parts and drum allows parts to be dried at lower temperatures and in less time, thus increasing the volume of parts that can be dried on a continual basis. This type of dryer can double the production throughput while reducing energy costs because the air is being used over and over and not being heated and dumped to atmosphere. Dryer Length is also 48 Inches



19 Inches Round

Helix Pitch

6 Inches to 8 Inches, either Stich Welded or Continuous Welded

Drum Center

40 Inches from Floor

Load Height

40” drum opening center line to 46” with load chute

Discharge Height

27 Inches

Drum Material

Heavy Duty 14 gauge type 304  stainless steel with ¼” perforations

*other gauge and perforations available

Helix Height

2 Inches to 31/2 Inches depending upon application and dryer.

Drum Speed

Fixed at 2 RPM (Variable Drum Speed Option)

Drum Drive

Bodine Gear Motor, Chain Drive with Sprocket welded to the drum.

Drum Support

Four Osborn Load Runner Bearing, Permanently Sealed, supporting and engaging two drum rings


The LJ drum drive is a heavy duty precision engineered system.  The drum is mounted on machined rings which rotate on standard Osborn Load Runner™ wheels.  The wheels are hardened and use tapered roller bearings for long wear.  A Bodine gear motor drives the drum using standard sprockets and roller chain.


The proposed machine is wired to Jensen Fabricating Engineers, Inc. interpretation of the NEC code for a 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle system supply.  A NEMA-12 enclosure is mounted to the side of the machine.  All electric functions terminate in this central control panel.  This requires only one electrical connection by the customer.

The electrical control panel contains the following components:

  • Main disconnect switch
  • Starters for all motors
  • Start and stop button for each machine function
  • Step down transformer for 110 volt single phase for all push buttons and controls.
  • Optional DC electronic variable speed control and potentiometer for Drum Drive (Optional)
  • Controls, Contactors for all heaters
  • All wiring is run in galvanized conduit with flexible connections to all motors and controls.
  • Hard wiring is used on the entire machine.
  • Digital Temp Controller for all tank (Optional) and dryer temperature


Suitable guarding that conforms to OSHA specifications and standard industrial practices is provided over all exposed moving parts.  Adequate lubrication fittings are provided for all areas requiring periodic lubrication.

Water service is prepiped to a common inlet header, 1-1/2″ in diameter fabricated of copper.  Water fill pipes are valved using 3/4″ bronze or brass ball valves.  Piping terminates above the solution level; both automatic and manual control is provided.

Drain fittings are provided.  Valves are customer supplied or are available as an option.

The machine is completely assembled in our plant and is fully operational before shipment.  Shipped with the machine will be:  the operating and parts manuals, electrical and assembly drawings and installation instructions.



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