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JenFab 24” Rotary Drum (5) Stage Wash, Rinse, Rinse, RP, Blow-Off

The Jenfab HD 24” Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Parts Washers are energy efficient modular designed auger style parts washers requiring 30% less floor space and saving thousands of dollars per year in operating expenses..  

Late Model Unit is in OUTSTANDING condition! Ready to start cleaning parts today!

Just Removed from Service at Johnson & Hoffman, they have closed after 70 years. They were a precision metal stamping company in Long Island NY.

MFG 2014

S/N 12302

  • Single Drum Parts Washer 24-inch
  •  4-Stage Wash, Rinse, Rinse, RP, and Blow-off

Process Drum:

  • 24” Diameter
  • Drum Material 11 GA. 304 SS
  • Rigidized 6WL  
  • Perforated 11 GA. T304SS with 3/16” Holes on 5/16” Centers
  • Rigidized 6WL
  • Helix 14 GA 304 SS Rigidized 1ACC.  3½” High with 11” Spacing,
  • Continuously Welded & Ground Smooth
  • Tumblers: 1” Formed Angel 3 Per Revolution
  • Roundbar: ¼”0 Stitch Welded to the Top of Helix Through Wash Stage


  1. Electrical Input 460v/3ph/60hz Approx. FLA=75
  2. Gas heat for the Wash and Rinse tanks operating temperature 160 Deg. F. Electric Heat for the Rust-Prevent tank operating temperature 140 Deg. F. Gas Heat for Dryer-operating temperature 230 Deg. F.
  3. Outside skin to be 16 GA. Stainless Steel, base frame and panel box painted machine white.
  4. Water Piping PVC Piping, Automatic Level Control by Gems Float Switches and Granzow Solenoid Valves. The level in the wash tank is regulated in the Oil Coalescer.
  5. All spray piping Stainless Steel with Diaphragm Protected Pressure Gauges and throttling valve in each station. Spray nozzles are stainless steel Flat-V-Pattern.
  6. Drum to be conditioned to Minimize Scratching of Parts
  7. Conductivity Monitor and Chemical Feed Pump installed on the Wash Tank.
  8. Dosatron Chemical Injector installed on the Rust Prevent Tank.
  9. Micrologix 1400 with Color HMI 

Equipped with:

  • Insulated Stainless Tanks
  • Wash Tank 325 Gallons 60” Long, HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.
  • Rinse Tank 270 Gallons  48” Long HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.
  • Rinse Tank 270 Gallons  48” Long HEAT 160 Deg. F. Operating Temp.
  • Rust Prevent Tank 270 Gallons 48” Long, Heat 140 Deg. F. Operating Temp.
  • Dryer 64” Long, 230 Deg. F. Chicago Blower 3500 CFM
  • 2” NPT Drains on all tanks
  • 2” Overflow Drains Type all tanks
  • Drum Drive Hub City Gear Reducer 1 HP Baldor Variable Speed 0-4 RPM
  • 4 Clean-Out Hatches
  • Entire Top is Removable for Drum Access
  • Stainless Steel Chip Basket On Wash Tank
  • Steam Exhaust Fan 12” Tube Axial 2000CFM
  • All Stainless Steel Drain Headers with Stainless Steel Valves
  • Eclipse Gas Burner
  • 8” Exhaust for Gas Burners
  • Filter Housing Stainless Steel Size #2 Filter Bag for Wash and RP Spray
  • Gusher Pumps 2 HP
  • (2) Coalscing Oil Separators Connected to Rinse and RP Tanks with 15 Gallons with plastic air pump
  • Coalscing Oil Separator connected to Wash Tank 85 Gallon with SS Pump
  • Spray Piping All Stainless Steel
  • Gusher Pumps 1 HP Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Bag Filter #3 Bag In Wash Sprays with Pressure Gauges
  • Stainless Chip Basket in Wash Tank


  • Foot Print (Needed Floor Space)
  • 26’ 1.5” Long
  • 11’ 7-1/2” Includes Oil Coalascer Machine Itself is 88-7/8” Wide
  • 72” Tall

Includes Exit Baskets and Carousel

FOB, Tulsa, OK   



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