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RAMCO Late Model All Stainless Loaded with Options, Ram Tough Automation

Loaded with options!


Serial No. JB2475-14-001, JB2475-14-003-1A, JB2475-14-003-1B

(2) Units to choose from, one in Phoenix one in Ogden UT

Note sellers comments: Excellent Condition Under Power, does not include ultrasonics, customer can add. It was purchased for a contract that did not happen. It was sent to our Ogden site but never used / was never fully installed even. = wear and tare would be next to none. 

Includes Baskets 

*******Has Automatic Load and Exit Stage Hydraulic Cylinder System (includes separate control) with RAMCO Guard Wall RamTough is the basic workhorse of the RAMCO automation line. It is a robust, cost effective, easy to operate, and long-lasting automation package with a proven track history in high production applications. Baskets are recognized by the system using proximity sensors on the infeed conveyor. The walking beam assembly moves the baskets through the system using multiple arms that articulate ninety degrees at the beginning and end of each cycle and move left and right on linear bearings over hardened steel shafts. Transfer is very accurate and smooth. The automation PLC is pedestal mounted for convenience and ease of operation.


Entrance conveyor is 18” x 60” (original width is 21”, I believe this machine was modified just a bit by the maker to fit up with the 6 sets of baskets we have. The entrance is set up to hold on deck basket and locks its location *(for auto run) via a couple prox. sensors. There is also room for a 2nd basket at the ready, to be pushed into the on deck section when ready.
Wash #1 18.25” x 35”  (Wash tank I “estimate” it at 100 gallons, with a 70 gallon separator tank attached – has auto fill and heat with agitation and is filtered)
Wash #2 18.25” x 35” (a wash tank fully filtered with Turbo circulate pump)(again I estimate these tanks are approx. 100 gallon, they all have heat, auto fill and filtered with turbo circulation pumps, all stainless)
Rinse #1 (same as above)
Dry tank is convection dry (with heat and blower with agitation lift) Same 18.25” x 35”
Exit roller conveyor is 21”x40”
Two wash tanks, a rinse tank and dryer. Manual or automatic run modes. Full timer control and full programable heat for each tank.
Set  up for ultrasonic run ~ but transducers not added ~ easy add on.   


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