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UMC 10-tank Ultrasonic Cleaning & Coating Line New 2008

State of the Art System, new replacement today would exceed 1.7 Million US Dollars. 

All Information From OEM Brochure Should Be Confirmed By Buyer:

Equipment Description:

Construction: All the cleaning and rinsing tanks are installed in robust profile-tube-frames.

Panels: The system is covered with panels made of removable polished stainless steel.

Tanks: Cleaning and rinsing tanks are stainless steel 1.4435.
All the tanks have 4-sided serrated overflow. Tank bottom is inclined for a total discharge.

Isolations: All tanks have thermo- and sound-isolation.

Piping: Piping for filling the tanks and for the DI-water circulation are made of polypropylene.

Ultrasonic Resonators: Four (4) ultrasonic tublar resonators per tank, are provided, installed at the wall side of the tanks. Total capacity per tank equals to 6,000 Watt eff./12,000 watt peak. Working frequency 30 kHz.

Ultrasonic Generator: Fully automatic control and monitoring type MGR 30 operational frequency 30 kHz, 230V. Quick reacting micro-controller checks the working frequency and keeps the ultrasonic capacity in very narrow tolerances.

Detail Design
1-Robot; one from loading to tank 6
1-Robot; Tank 6 to unloading station

Tanks: W-R-W-R-W-R-R-W(DI)-R(DI)-R(DI)
Tank Size: 33.5″ B x 33.5″ W x 42″ H
Basket Size: 19.5″ B x 25.5″ W x 33.5″ H

Tanks include heaters, oscillation mechanism. and ultrasonic transducers if equipped. These items take up space in each tank.

Loading Station
Tank 1: Ultrasonic Cleaning
Tank 2: Rinsing Tap-water
Tank 3: Ultrasonic Cleaning
Tank 4: Rinsing Tap-Water
Tank 5: Ultrasonic Cleaning 
Tank 6: Rinsing Tap-Water
Tank 7: Rinsing Tap-Water
Tank 8: Ultrasonic Rinse DI-Water
Tank 9: Rinsing DI-Water
Tank 10: Rinsing DI-Water
Unload Station
** Detailed Information Available Upon Request **

Technical Data:

Compressed Air: 6 Bar, Clean and Oil Free For The Operation with Solenoid Valves
Tab Water: 3-4.5 Bar




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